The Throne Room

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what will you be doing if  Jesus came back today? To be frank, I probably only asked myself that question a handful of times.  Most times my answers will either be sleeping, worshiping, or working. It’s true! I feel like those are what I could probably be found doing at any given moment. Today I found that my answer would be different. Today I found myself doing something that I normally don’t do.

I danced. I sang. I was a fool.

I literally felt like I needed to take a break from looking put together, even though I was in the privacy of my own home! So I put on worship music and  I danced. I sang my heart out. I found myself on my knees in sweet, sweet praise. Today I found a new  meaning of the scripture about using my body as an instrument of praise. I could feel the smile on my face; an echo of David’s when he too danced before the Lord.  Today I felt released from the rigidity of expectations. Expectations of behavior, what I am ” supposed” to act and feel like. With each movement I could hear the chains of stress, anxiety, and confusion shatter. With each beat I felt flooded with peace, joy, strength and a lightness that revealed everything will work out in the end.


I learned something valuable today.

I learned that in His Throne room,

there are no limits.




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