I’m completely in love.

I am completely in love and his name is Jesus. Now, before you scurry and click away, let me tell you a little something about him. He is kind, caring and just. He cares for my needs and he is a wonderful listener. He holds me when I am sad and champions me when I succeed. He is always there when I need him, and even sometimes when I think I do not. He values me and my opinions. He says that I am worthy and that all of the baggage that I carry around can finally be set down at his feet. He provides valuable insight during the pain. He never is far away from me and is closer than the air I breathe.

jesus 2

He comforts me. When I feel like I am drowning from life’s events, when my soul aches from treacherous waters, he helps still the waves. Although I can hear the roaring of the thunder, he holds me in his arms. He calls me beautiful, and chosen, unblemished. He says that all of his life, the point of his life, was for his bride. He loves me. Without a doubt, he loves me. I feel at peace when he is near me. I don’t know how to explain it. These past couple of weeks  feel like they have come to strangle and destroy me. But Jesus is right there. Gently whispering in my ear, ” You, beloved, can do this. You are the head and not the tail. You are more than a conqueror.”  And with these truths ringing in my ear I feel the water that was drowning me, still close but suddenly I can breathe a little easier. It’s crazy how his love is changing me.

jesus 3

Even in the midst of this storm, at my wits end even though I still feel the deep ache in my soul due to my current situation;  I still find my love, Jesus, right here reminding me of who I am.


I don’t know why he chose me. I feel like he deserves someone way better than me. But I am going to choose to trust his love. I know that he will not betray me. I know that he will not let me down or choose anything over me. I know this because since the beginning of our relationship, he chose me. He has been choosing me, even when I don’t chose him. Thank you Jesus for reminding me of what true love looks like.

Wanna hear something else beautiful about him?

He loves you too. 

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