No more obligations

I’m going to hop around a bit, really the only page up on the blog so far is the “About me”. But I’m going to just jump right in to the nitty-gritty today, sound good? Jesse and I are getting married! Yes! We are planning a wedding, we are working full-time and we are extremely involved in serving our local church. Today is just one of those days where it’s just really weighing on me. Trying to maintain relationships, pick a venue, and still be on call for an opportunity to serve. It can be stressful sometimes. Something that I am learning is that every single time I see something as an obligation, I try turning into an opportunity. My wedding is in 6 months. I need to pick a venue. It’s easy for me to just see it as something on my checklist that I have to remove. I’m learning to see it with eyes of opportunity. This could be the place. I get the opportunity to serve and tell people how loved they are – people who never would have guessed. I get to show people how to take their questions, their life events, and their apprehension,  to God. The thing is, it’s not always easy to see opportunity. To be honest, sometimes I do get into this “have to” mindset instead of the “get to” mindset. It’s so easy! I just have to keep reminding myself to look for the opportunity. How do you do it? Reply to the thread and let me know!

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