The Engagement Story

That’s right! This girl is about to be a married woman! ALRIGHT


My best friend Sarah  was leaving to pursue a job opportunity in San Fran and we decided to take a trip, her and I , up north to Prescott, AZ. We planned to go on Saturday April 1st and just  do one more trip together before she set out on her new adventure. Saturday morning rolled around and we got up and set out on our drive. We got to Prescott around 2:00PM and had lunch at a local cafe.FullSizeRender (14)

We walked around downtown Prescott and decided to get a quick chai before we headed to out next destination, Senator Mine. Senator Mine is an old mine in Prescott, it’s right off of Senator’s highway. It’s tucked in the forest and it’s just a really neat place to explore!At the bottom of the mine there is a creek that runs near an old cave. That’s where we were headed! We were jamming in the car all the way to the mine. Once we got there we explored the mine a bit and then Sarah  and I sat down and just started talking. She suggested we pray for our future husbands. Her and I said a pray for our hubby’s to be and decided to explore the creek. Before we went down to the creek she said she wanted to change her shoes. (She was wearing all white shoes.) While she got her shoes I just started singing and worshiping. When I heard someone behind me, I turned around AND THERE WAS JESSE. I mean at this point, with him surprising me and all, I knew IT. WAS. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN. But I kept my cool and him and I walked up to a peak  near the mine that lets you see the entire landscape. I was holding his hands pretty tightly because I had a feeling I knew what he was about to do. But he somehow released his hands from my grip, got down on his knees and proposed! Guys! I was in shock! I turned around to face the landscape and screamed, “Is this real life?!” and then I turned back around and he was still on his knee. Then I said it, “YES!”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sarah then came out from were she was hiding and so did our friend Steven. Steven was our photographer for the moment.  We explored some more and we decided to grab a slice of pie at this cute little pie shop right off of the highway. I rode with Sarah to the pie place and Jesse rode with Steven. We get to the place and I ran to the restroom. (With all this excitement I definitely had to pee!) When I got out of the restroom, Jesse was waiting for me. I remember thinking to myself,” That’s odd that he’s waiting for me. He must just really love me right now or something.” We then walk to the lobby and ALL OF OUR FRIENDS WERE THERE. I literally fell to my knees. That’s when I cried.

We finished the night with pie, friends, and laughs.

What a sweet engagement.

Now time for the wedding planning!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I’m curious, what’s your engagement story? Let me know if the comments below!


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